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Paddle Board Near Me Is A Popular Search…So what?

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If you are in the paddle boarding, surfing and related industry then you are in the right place to find a directory that supports it’s members, in an affordable way, without bombarding our customers with lots of other advertising. Sure some people love Yelp and we all use Google but paddle boarders are known for doing their own thing.

So let’s do it!  If you are a PaddleFit Coach I have a coupon for 70% off to add your listing for just $10!!!!  WPA Coaches get 50% off when you add your paddle board or water sports business to Paddle Board Near Me Directory so you can add your listing.  Text me for the coupons and let me know if y our are WPA or PaddleFit.   Take advantage of these special launch rates for 2022 and together we can build a directory focused on getting people out on the water, supporting each other’s businesses in a positive way, without a ton of other advertising and distractions. You also are invited to be part of our meet up group called Into The Emerald Blue where you can share posts for meet ups events to get together with other paddle sports business owners,  and our customers, when traveling and exploring waterways around the world.  Watermen play hard and love to get out and paddle with other members of their tribe. Pop Up Paddling events are a great way to enjoy more time on the water and meet more of our watermen tribe!

Who started the paddle board near me directory?

My name is Sheree Lincoln. I am a World Paddle Association Level II Instructor Trainer and a PaddleFit Pro Coach. I have been in the water sports industry for over 10 years and a web designer for 20. I am creating the Paddle Board Near Me Directory because as I retire from web design I wanted to create an online directory to support the stand up paddling industry; one that has less advertising and also helps connect the industry and used the popular search term ”paddle board near me” or ‘paddleboarding near me”.

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Mahalo, Sheree Lincoln

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