Our Story

Paddle Board Near Me is the latest and greatest online directory for the Stand Up Paddle Board Industry! Who is the creator behind the directory?

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Hi there! It’s me, Coach Sheree Lincoln. I have been a paddle boarding instructor guide and water sports industry business owner for 10 years and a web designer for 20 years. I am semi-retired and decided to build something cool for me to manage. I figure that I have plenty of experience to allow me to create the ultimate online web directory, to find paddle board businesses, when they search for paddle board near me! I am excited to be able to help people all over the United States (The World?), enjoy and experience paddle boarding and other water sports. My customers pictured here found me and came all the way from Canada. They have a great dog named Jack, and they like piƱa coladas. (And they don’t mind gettin’ caught in the rain when they are paddle boarding.) I want to help new customers find your business as well!

Our highly searchable paddle board near me directory uses Google Maps and other cool Google tools to help people find you.

Please be patient while we grow our directory and complete our website!

That is me in the middle with my trademark outback hat on. If you are looking to paddle board in the Fort Myers Beach area please visit my website for Sea Dog Eco Tours to view my tours and book a paddle adventure click here.

Mahalo, Coach Sheree Lincoln